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Our process combined with Agile Development methodology helps plan, manage and build small to large projects very fast.

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There are many agencies that can create a good-looking user interface. At Neowise, we design websites and mobile apps that not only look beautiful, but bring tangible results. We constantly achieve product growth through scientifically designed user experiences. Our conversion-centered designs are based on analytics, user intelligence and A/B testing. Our team consists of award-winning designers, successful entrepreneurs with MBAs from UofT, data scientists with PhDs in mathematics.

Product Funnel Improvements

We can help you improve in each of the five parts of the product funnel - Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral (AARRR). We will help you set up and analyze your funnels to identify where and when people drop off. With this data, you not only know exactly what or which part is wrong, but together we are able to quickly fix it.

A/B Testing and Split Testing

Sometimes even a small change in the design, heading or website structure can have a significant impact on your business. A/B testing is a simple and measurable way to compare different versions of your website or app. A/B testing is one of our main tools for shifting subjective assumptions and business questions from “we think” to “we know”.

Data Analytics

We use various analytical and statistical tools to constantly improve websites and mobile apps. We track engagements, point maps, retention, visitor behavior and much more. Together with email or in-app notifications, website reviews, conversion tracking and on-page surveys, we will regularly propose strategies to improve your product.

Ad Campaigns Optimization

Our marketing specialists will monitor and optimize your paid advertising campaigns to help you lower your acquisition costs and increase your ROI. If your ads are not performing the way we think they should, we’ll modify and tweak them until they do.

Strategy and Positioning

A smart digital strategy built around your goals will enable you to maximize business opportunities. We often help our clients with the launch of new products, introducing products to new markets, optimizing services or company processes and bringing innovation in various areas.

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Product Design

Our conversion-centered designs are based on analytics, user intelligence and A/B testing. Not only do we have a portfolio of great designs, we also have a portfolio of case studies showing increased profits for our clients. Let us help you to increase sales, leads and profits through a data-driven design.

UX Strategy and Design

It doesn’t matter what your site or app looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it. And moreover, they need to enjoy that interaction. We deal with every detail to improve the user experience. For instance the filling in of forms, moving to further actions, clicking on buttons, transferring between screens and many other interactions.

IA, Flowcharts & Wireframing

When all yell, you cannot hear anyone. Priority setting is crucial. Not only from the aspect of architecture, but also visually. Everything cannot be of the same priority and uniform layout. Before we start to think about the colors, graphics or typography, we focus on information architecture and prepare thoughtfully designed wireframes.

User Interface & Visual Design

Neowise is well known for its emphasis on detail and timeless design that is constantly inspiring thousands of people around the world and our work is regularly published in famous galleries among top designers. We combine visual principles, data, colour psychology and years of experience to create aesthetic interfaces that bring results.

Interaction Design

Everything from a button to an image to a form field is part of interaction design. Our goal-driven designers are constantly exploring new interactions and taking advantage of new technologies while always keeping in mind that the right interaction or technology is the one that best meets the user’s needs, and not merely the newest or most exciting.

Design Prototypes

We turn static images into interactive prototypes for iPhone, iPad, Android or Web. Creation of prototypes is specific, measurable, quick and more exact than describing the design or future functionality. Our design prototypes are even enabling entrepreneurs to easier win pitches and make more of an impact presenting ideas.

"We believe that incredible Ideas require incredible execution."


Our Agile Development methodology helps us plan and manage small to large projects easily. Our clients on the other hand know exactly what we are currently working on and where their investment goes. Daily updates and weekly presentations of clickable prototypes bring greater transparency and ensure the best possible feedback for both sides.

Landing Pages

Whether you want to optimize your current landing pages or create new ones from scratch, we can help you build intelligently-designed landing pages that increase your conversion rates. We have developed dozens of conversion-centered landing page for various clients in various industries.

Mobile Apps

We help clients develop mobile app interactions that work smoothly and inspire thousands of people around the world. Our extensive experience in human-centered UX, visual and interaction design and data-driven approach will drive increased engagements with your mobile users.

Ecommerce Development

From simple shopping cart integration to complex ecommerce web or mobile apps with thousands of SKUs that link to warehouse, accounting programme, courier company, post office, loyalty programmes and a product range consisting of ten thousands of items.

Functional prototypes

Creation of functional prototypes is specific, measurable, quick and more exact than anticipating visitors behaviour. Our functional prototypes allow our clients to test and present their vision quickly while being more compelling than wireframes. Obtain proof of concept and market feedback early in the design process with a HTML5/CSS3/JS prototype.

Complex Web Projects

The Agile Development method helps us plan and manage large projects better. Our clients on the other hand know exactly what we are currently working on and where their investment goes. We help clients develop various custom web applications such as e-commerce applications, database applications or business applications.

Content Management System

Based on experience with numerous non-flexible systems of third parties, we have created our own CMS focused on usability. The CMS by Neowise enables you to significantly speed up and facilitate your website maintenance. Since people increasingly use touch-screen devices, we decided to make our CMS mobile-friendly.