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We combine smart design with rich technology to craft innovative brand and business solutions. For every project we take on we strive to deliver memorable and groundbreaking work for our clients.

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A key component of your transformation, your digital strategy requires special attention. We provide you with the support you need all during your project. Through regular workshops, brainstormings and idea sharing, we help grow your initial idea into a cutting-edge digital solution.


Great experiences occur when relevance, insight, and vision meet. Working side by side with our clients, and based on a deep and thorough understanding of their business and challenges, we help them get perspective, take action and be successful in an ever-changing world.

Web Development

At the heart of our development toolset is the Ruby on Rails framework. RoR enables us to deliver high-quality large-scale projects successfully. At Neowise, we build apps using HTML5 to keep your products up-to-date with the most recent trends in web development.

Mobile Development

Mobile developers at Neowise build native apps for iOS and Android devices, translating your ideas into apps your customers can enjoy. Unit tests, code reviews and QA testing are always part of our standard development procedure. This ensures that your product is of the highest quality.

Product Design

We have been involved in the design and development of dozens of commercial products from around the world. We will help you create a competitive application to expand your market reach and customer base. To deliver outstanding results, our design team keeps you involved at every stage of the design process.

World-class outcomes for brands and people through design, content, user experience and technology. Have a project for us?

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A selection of 7 case studies

With over 300 projects for more than 200 clients, we can't show you everything. So we've made a brief selection. Enjoy!

"We wanted an affordable price without compromising on talent, but we got more than this, a key value of Neowise is transparency and we felt this was a game changer, continuous updates and honest discussions, resulted in a more efficient and productive development".

Conal O' Doherty
Founder & CEO Something Stealthy

"The communication with the team was very good. Neowise knows how to make use of the collaboration tools, like Slack or Jira. I had access to all the design and development progress, as well as direct contact with every member of our team".

Sofia Quintero
Founder at NomNom

"It was a pleasure working with the talented team at Neowise. I found their developers to be of a very high caliber and diligent in helping us achieving our goals and deadlines. We plan to continue using Neowise for the foreseeable future."

Ger OSullivan
CTO at Signal Education

"Neowise is a first class operation. Communication, code quality and understanding of where we're going commercially with the business are core strengths. I feel like I have a partner in our success. Highly recommend working with them."

Malcolm Scovil
Founder at Calmworks & LeapCR

Neowise’s approach to digital marketing.

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Neowise Agency produces response using targeted creative, tethered to strategy to produce actionable data, insights and growth for scale-ups. Neowise Agency is at the intersection of video content, marketing strategy and analytics, giving you the creative assets and actionable data that enables you to reach your audience.

We do this with hyper-targeted digital advertising and goal-oriented real-time campaign adjustments. Our intuitive technology creates content that is inspiring, insightful and reaches the heart of your audience.